Scuba Diving Equipments ?

Commonly  referred to as  "Gear" by most of the Scuba Divers,  Your survival underwater depends on the quality & Maintenance Schedule of each Piece of Equipment, Most Dive Schools (& Booking Agencies) Include the Equipment Rentals as part of the Final  Price Quoted. Almost all Scuba Diving, Equipment is Imported from China, Europe or the Americas,


Some  of the basic equipment we will discuss below:


Snorkel and face mask

Since Human eyes have not evolved to view the true beauty of marine life underwater, Just as we use Spectacles to Adjust for blurred Vision, Underwater we have to use twin function face mask , this nose blocking Face Mask, has the dual purpose, To block nasal Breathing, and give you clear Vision at the same time. The mask when properly attached to the snorkel, helps you breathe comfortably. while you have your face underwater,


Fins are  made of  Rubber  ( or  mixture of Rubber &  Plastic )

Fins help ease your movement underwater. they come in various sizes and the best ones come with adjustable straps, choosing the right size , or making the appropriate adjustments on the flexible straps would be the deciding factor on how your dive would continue, wearing the smaller size can get you blisters, and large size fins tend to get lost in the current, and hinder  your scuba diving experience,


Compressed Air Tanks (Cylinders): the Most Modern Tanks are made of High Grade Aluminum, As these are much lighter (14.4kgs)  than the previously used Steel Tanks, and are easier to Maintain & Transport, the best ones are from Luxfer & Catalina.  Depending on usage the (Tank & K-Valve) maintenance should be scheduled every 6 months to 12 months,  &  every 5 years  the cylinders should be sent for Hydro-Testing. normally cylinders are able to carry a load of 220BAR or 220 times  the normal atmospheric pressure inside it.  


Buoyancy Control Device: Commonly known by its abbreviation ( BCD), this inflatable-defalatable device is attached to the Scuba  Tank and has shoulder & waist straps, they also come in sizes, & they help the Scuba Diver to maintain  Positive, Negative or Neutral Buoyancy, while scuba diving.


Air Flow Regulator Control Equipment: this device is nicknamed "Regs"  in the dive Industry, it has first stage & second stage, the first & second stage function is to lower the High Pressure Air in the Tanks to a Humanly adapted pressure for optimal breathing Underwater.


Wet Suit : these have multiple functions, they Help to keep the Scuba Divers body temperature within normal range, &  protected them  from hazards underwater,  Although its  worn by Divers who go underwater for more than an hour, its not so common on the "Try a Dive" trips as mostly the temperature in Goa is warm, and the average dive time is usually between 10-20 minutes  . If you want that Diver look for the  video, you can  pay extra to rent one.