what is scuba diving ?

Did you Know there are more Airplanes Underwater than Submarines in the Sky ?


These Sunken Airplanes, (called Wrecks) are usually the Result of  Wars, Equipment Failure, or simply Natural Disasters, Recently there has been a trend, where the Airplanes  (etc.), are submerged on purpose to create Artificial Reefs which can Host Marine Life, The best way to Discover these Wrecks is to go SCUBA Diving?


For the  Uninitiated, here is a brief summary of what exactly is SCUBA Diving 


SCUBA is actually an Acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus,


Its one of the Fastest growing "Extreme Sports" in the World Today, and may infact be the most Addictive of them all, 


Depths, while Scuba Diving  can vary from 15-20 feet for " Try a Dive" , and can go as deep as 30-40 feet for (Advanced) Open Water Dives, 


Breathing Underwater  is via your Mouth using a  Specially Designed "Mouthpiece", Attached to an "Air Pressure Regulator", Commonly reffered to as "Reg/s",  The Air that we breathe-in is stored in Cylindrical "Tanks", It is Compressed (Atmospheric) Air, which has been filtered to remove excess Moisture, and any other Unwanted (& Toxic) Gases, 


Other Scuba Diving  Accessories would include Scuba Mask for Clearer Vision Underwater, Fins for Effortless  & Smoother movement , and a Wet (or) Dry Suit, depending on the water Temperature, 

Since Scuba Diving can (potentially)  be Hazardous, its Compulsory for Everyone to Dive in Pairs (Dive Buddies) , or even groups, 

For a lot of people Scuba Diving Starts of as a Hobby, and then it becomes a "Way of Life"   &  for Others,  It holds importance on a "Deeper"  Spiritual Level. Where they take up Volunteer work in Conservation, and Ocean (Reef) Clean-up projects, 

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