Things to do before a Scuba Diving Trip ?

So you succesfully booked a Day Trip to go Scuba Diving ? what next you ask?


Dont sweat, Here is our 4 step guide to help make your  Goa Scuba Diving Experience memorable, 


  • 1. Sleep :  Get at least 6-8 hours of sleepthe night before,  your day is gonna be full of action & adventure so its best, to give your body a well deserved rest, the Boat ride is going to be a minimum of 1 hour each way, the weather may not be as calm, or the  bumpy waves, may play havoc with your stomach 

  • 2. Meals : Avoid large meals just before your scuba diving experience, or if you cannot control your urges, and would like to take advantage of that Buffet Breakfast that your Hotel has already charged you for, You need to have an early morning breaklfast or just remember to keep minimum 2 hours gap between meals and  Scuba Dive.

  • 3. Alcohol : Hey, you are in Goa, can you avoid the several chances of  getting stoned, or hungover ?  if you have scuba diving booked for the next day, You should definitely avoid any mind altering substances, Or overuse of alcohol the previous night. Since usage of the same will certainly hamper your motor skills, Or the bumpy boat ride can even upset your already delicate tummy, 

  • 4. Clothes : Wear Deck  Clothes ( Shorts & Tshirts) , Rubber Slippers, Flipflops, Since most trips are all inclusive, and most Vendors are accepting Digital payments,  avoid carrying large amount of cash, or wear flashy and expensive Jewellery, as these can easily get Lost in Strong Currents, or worse get Stolen.