Its Better in Goa ? 10 Reasons

On your last trip to Goa, Did You notice anyone wear a T-Shirt that screams " Its Better in Goa" and wondered what that really means, 


If you have never ever done Scuba Diving . Our 10 Point Checklist for why Scuba Diving  in Goa is Better, will precisely help explain this Slogan.




  • A. Calm & Stable Waters Advantage : Compared with the Andamans, the Waters in Goa are much stable and calmer,  You will get quite little underwater currents, this makes Scuba Diving for beginners much Safer

  • B. Price Advantage  :  Compared to other Scuba Destinations in India (& Elsewhere) Scuba Diving Packages are Priced much less than any other places.  the Best Affordable Package Deal for Scuba Diving starts at Rs 999/-

  • C. Lastminute Advantage : You easily Book a Lastminute Flight, or Get  on an overnight Bus to Goa,  From Most cities, like  Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore just to name a few, 

  • D. Cheap Stay Option Advantage:  Your Stay, Food and Beverages in Goa, is also cheaper compared to any other Scuba Diving Destination. 

  • E. Complementary Video of Dive Advantage : Most Scuba Diving Destinations that are on the Map, Charge an add on fee for your Scuba Videos, this isnt the case with Goa, as all of the trips include some kind of underwater Footage, Photos, or Videos, or even Both.

  • F. Free Food & Beverages Advantage : Due to Heavy Competition among the scores of Scuba Diving Companies, the freebies on each trip can include (but is not limited to) the following Breakfast ( Poha , Samosa, Aloo Bonda) Seasonal fruits ( Banana, Watermelon & Pineapple) , Lunch ( Chicken Masala, Biryani for Non-Vegetarians,  & Dal-Chawal, Chole, & Fried Rice  for Vegetarians)

  • G. Alcoholic Drinks Advantage : Although its not advised to get Alcohol in you Bloodstreams before Scuba Diving, the After Scuba Diving Packages often dont mention this on their Brochures,  but if you book a Grand Island trip  they do also include 2 beers or some kind of strong spirits, especially for those suffering from Hypothermia.

  • H. Multiple Dive Sites Advantage : Although most scuba divers have their favourite locations to dive, there is always that  chance, of familiarity & getting bored after about 6 dives, if  that is the case with you then, (no sweat), the   locations for Scuba Diving in Goa are varying, from the most popular Suzys Wreck, Diving at Grande Island, Pigeon Island, Bat Island, Sail Rock,  Sao George Island, Davy Jones Locker, Uma Guma Reef, Turbo Tunnel, Bounty Bay, The Jetty, the Fort, Shelter Cove, Grande Banks, Lobster Avenue, (there are more far flung places to go &  Dive in Goa but the prices and Boat Trip make them unpopular.)

  • I. All year round Diving Advantage: Just like in the Andamans, Scuba Diving in Goa has (NOW) become an all year round activity, During the Months from May till the Diwali holidays, the Sea becomes rough & dangerous for all activities, And we often hear of cases, where Fishermen who fail to heed the warnings have to be rescued by the Coast Guard,  Fresh-Water Scuba Diving has become just as popular, along with fresh water Watersports Activities

  • J. Combo Package Advantage ( 9+ activities in 1 day): Since most scuba diving trips all over India take up (almost) an entire day on just one activity, namely Scuba Diving, Dont you wonder what you should do with the rest of the day?  What if there was a way to do more ? If you are in Goa, then this is definitely possible, with about 9 other activities, added on to the Jumbo-Combo package, which includes , (1. Dolphin Spotting, 2. Snorkelling, 3. Banana Ride, 4. Bumper Ride, 5. Jetski Ride, 6. Speed-Boat Ride, 7. Parasailing, 8. Kayaking, 9. Rafting, 10. Wakeboarding, 11. Zorbing 12. Party Boat, 13. Surfing 14. Fishing)